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R&D Survey Handbook 2006

Chapter 1 : Financial Resources for Research and Development

1. R&D Expenditure (GERD) in Sri Lanka
2. R&D Expenditure in selected Countries
3. Science, Technology and Innovation indicators in selected countries 2002-2004
4. National Expenditure on Research and Development (GERD) by Source of Funding 2006
5. National R&D Expenditure trends by Source of Funding 1996-2006
6. Trend in R&D Expenditure (%GDP) by source of funding 1996 - 2006
7. National R&D Expenditure by different Sectors
8. National R&D Expenditure by Nature of Research Activity
9. National R&D Expenditure by Discipline 1996-2006

Chapter 2 : Human Resources in Science and Technology Personnel

1. Science and Technology Personnel (STP) by Category
2. R&D Manpower Resources in selected Countries
3. Number of S&T Personnel (STP) by Sector 2006
4. Number of STP by Discipline 1996-2006
5. Number of R&D Scientists (Head Count) by Sector
6. Number of R&D Scientists (Head Count) by Discipline and Sex
7. Educational Qualifications of R&D Scientists 2006
8. Number of FTE of R&D Scientists by Sector 2006
9. Number of FTE of R&D Scientists by Discipline 2006

Chapter 3 : Performance Indicators for Science and Technology

1. Number of Patents registered locally during 1997-2006
2. Number of Patents registered locally during the period 2003-2006
3. Distribution of Patents
4. Number of Technological Innovations and New Processes Developed during 2001-2006
5. Other relevant indicators of S&T sector during 2005-2006
6. Main Fields of Sri Lankan papers in SCI for years 2005 - 2006
7. Postgraduate output during 2004 and 2006
8. Number of SLAAS Presentations at Annual Proceedings and Number of Scientists involved during 2002-2006
9. Performance of NSF Research Grants Scheme 2006




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